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model alex tweedie headshot

alex tweedie male model short stop signI photographed 6'2" 180 lb. (8kg) Alex Tweedie in Hollywood in May 2013 and was very happy with the number of "looks" we got in no time at all. He is totally comfortable in front of the camera and does whatever I need.  It was easy!  Alex is very good at taking direction especially for a newcomer. He did everything exactly right and was very expressive when most guys just stand there with "deer in the headlights" looks on their faces.  Since he had no real portfolio we needed a series of "looks":  the college jock, the leather bad boy, the male model, rugged, boyish, etc. This came out great. He almost looks like different people in the photos with different hair and attitude. 

Alex grew up in Washington state just north of Seattle. He was a varsity athlete in high school and a star on the football field.    In his junior year he discovered he had a hidden passion for theater, Soon he was onstage every opportunity. Alex began hosting a popular high school talk show, doing impersonations of celebrities and creating wacky characters.  After he graduated, Alex modeled, sang professionally, and he appeared in theatre and films in his area.

But he dreamed of Hollywood. So one day very recently he borrowed bus fare and came to Los Angeles. Alex left Seattle with nothing but a backpack full of clothes, thirty dollars, and a positive spirit.

So now he has begun to climb the showbiz mountain, figuring out how to afford Hollywood, and is vigorously pursuing acting and modeling. He signed with a top talent manager, and was lucky to meet me, and I shot these cool pictures for his portfolio.

In his spare time Alex works out, practices his impersonations, and explores the attractions of the City.
alex tweedie headshots collage

I shot this video in April 203 at the same time I did the photography in the gallery below.  This brief video is intended to give casting agents a sample of Alex's voice and look with shirt and without.


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