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model aaron oconnell headshot

model aaron oconnell headshot 6'2" actor/model Aaron O'Connell is underpromoted. I had not even heard of him.  But after seeing his modeling photos I can tell he was able to transition to acting.  Aaron has a great smile and his modeling photos ACTUALLY have FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.  That may sound obvious, but many aspiring models have only one facial expression:  deer in the headlights.  What WWII veterans would call the "thousand yard stare."  They can't even smile on command! And the buffer they are (aka underwear models) the less they seem able to express. Are they hiding behind big muscles?

Aaron does not have that problem he has a great smile as you can see and a fantastic body too.  No wonder he's done underwear modeling.  But he is only barely tall enough to be on my site. That's why the warning sign at right is there.  Of course, if he were taller he wouldn't have been able to get modeling gigs so what am I to do?

He was born in Dayton, Ohio in 984 but was raised in California, Indiana, and Minnesota before he began appearing in clothing ads as a professional model. Following his graduation from Cathedral High School he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Heath and Fitness from Purdue University where he got his teeth cut into the profession by modeling underwear and sports clothes in the United States and Europe.

He's been represented by the premier male modeling agency, Ford Models, in NYC.  Also Premium Models (Paris), Nevs (London), Sight Management Studio (Barcelona) and DT Model Management in Los Angeles.  He's done photo shoots by Blanco, Crolina Herrara, Lucky Brand Jeans and Ralph Lauren.  His photos have appeared in Out Magazine, Tetu, The New York Times Online, Gentleman's Quarterly, German Vogue, French Vogue, Hanes, Jockey, Abercrombie and Fitch, Vanity Fair, Jockey, Eddie Bauer and Vogue Hommes International. 

short stop signHe got his first big acting gig on the OWN Network appearing in the soap opera "The Haves and Have Nots."  He was handpicked by show creator Tyler Perry to appear in it after he saw Aaron in a 30 second commercial for Liquid Plummr drain cleaner.  "I'm here to snake your drain."  Oh the Hollywood Glamour!  After decades of ads I think the drain cleaner people are desperate, DESPERATE to try anything new especially hunks.

He currently lives in LA working on the OWN soap. He is lucky to have gotten a soap opera gig.  Although they have given many good looking stars their big break soap operas are on the decline.  Reality TV and the OJ Simpson trial taught viewers they don't need daytime dramas for their crazy behavior fix.

Aaaron is also a registered Republican.  Meh.  He better be an "Arnold Republican."  That means pro-Gay.  Oh wait, he appeared in Out Magazine.  Never mind.

This is a promotional video for the SuiteBlanco men's underwear fall campaign of 202. Talk about a cocky shoot.  You can't really see the product! Star Aaron O'Connell dares to model the product in black and white. What if the clothing looks great in grayscale but in color it looks like Liberace threw up on it??  We will never know.  Why would a fashion house make a promo video without showing the final product in color? Could there be something else in this video that fashionistas were focused on? Something like "abs?"  My favorite is the part where he says "I try to work out."  TRY??? Mission accomplished!


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