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This page features lots of great pics I snapped at this year's Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade 203. The event was the largest and most diverse yet.  Tens of thousands of people poured into my small neighborhood for the weekend, especially Sunday when over 400,000 showed up.  Weho's (West Hollywood's) Pride Parade was the first in the nation and probably the largest.  That means that a hot dog which cost $3.00 on Thursday costs $7.00 during Gay Pride. Hooray!

This is a far cry from the original pride parade held in the early 970's in Hollywood. At that time both the police and the government fought even the existence of the parade. Finally a court order was needed to allow the event to happen.

Today the parade is one of the largest events in Los Angeles and brings in thousands of tourists and hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending on hotel rooms, meals and, of course, booze booze booze!

The bars in Weho can sell an entire month's worth of liquor in only three days.  The Monday after the event the alleyway behind the bars is piled high with folded cardboard liquor boxes and giant dumpsters are stuffed full of glass bottles.  The amount of money the bars make is extraordinary because they sell so much alcohol but they also jack the prices sky high.  A dixie cup of premium beverage costs $6.

anonymousSee the gorgeous 6'4" hunk at left?  Boy he was cold and had a lot of attitude.  But he was the only rude guy at the 203 West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade.  Everyone is always in a very good very social mood. He was the only insecure one. But he is HOT so here are lots of photos of him!

Much more typical was a scene I saw outside the bar Mickey's.  An unattractive, mute and disabled young man was driving his electric wheelchair and he had very poor motor control. Yet he had two Ipads and a cell phone on his wheelchair so he obviously liked using them possibly to control it.  Four superhot young bodybuilders walked up and started waiting in line to go into the Mickey's bar. As the disabled man slowly drove his wheelchair past the bodybuilders patted him on the back, said "hi" and gave him the thumbs up.  It may have been the first time a super-appearance conscious man had ever touched the guy much less given him any attention.   Sweet human moments like that abound at the Parade, which is ground zero for people watching.

Scenes and performances from the 203 Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade, including the Pointer Sisters who performed at the festival afterwards.  WARNING:  This video contains short people.


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