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sexy gay bodybuilder couple

The only thing sexier than Gay muscle guys is Gay muscle couples like the two at left!  Too bad I know nothing about them.  I do know that there aren't that many Gay muscle couples in Los Angeles.  Most Gay men in this town can't go on a second date!

There is also one half of another Gay couple on this page.  He's gorgeous kinda shy 6'8" (2.03m) bodybuilder who is becoming a REAL daddy.  He is in a loving relationship and they are having a child.  He even asked me to take his name off these photos as "I am settling down now and don't want my name on the net."  So don't ask me who he is.  I ain't telling!

The second half of this gallery are photos of tall men I took at this year's Gay Pride Parade 2012 in West Hollywood, where I live. That's the "weho" in my name.  No matter what kind of people you want to photograph the pride parade gets a crowd of about 400,000 people every year. I want to photograph tall guys and boy do I find a lot of them!  This year the post-parade Gay Pride festival even had a waterpark. I shot two great looking Black tall guys who were paid to cavort in it.  They also bounced in a giant pink boingy thing.  Christopher Street West is an LGBT pride parade and festival that was first held in June 1970 in Hollywood to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York. After incorporation, the event moved to West Hollywood and is typically held the second weekend in June.

The gorgeous 6'8" giant bodybuilder below let me put his photos on my site. Then years later he lost them. Digital files are like that. They aren't like paper photos in a shoebox that stay safe for decades. They don't really exist.  So he wrote me and asked if I still had them.  Of course, they are safe right here.  Another benefit of being one of Big Don's boys.



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