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martin shirtless nipple piercingMassive 6'7" (1.99m) German bodybuilder Martin tells me when he walks into a Gay bar all the heads turn at once.  Sometimes weighing as much as 260 lbs. (120 kg) I can easily see why.  This IT consultant lives in Cologne and is a great exhibitionist.  He contacted me and wanted a page and I of course said yes. It's so great when they jump in the boat. You don't even have to hit them with an oar.

Below and on page one is a nice collection of photos I cleaned up for him and sent back. His webpage at the link below at first doesnt' look like much. I should really help him with that. But it is stuffed with lots of free photos of him including au naturel. He is big all over don't you know!


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.