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bodybuilder kris evans

Adult movie actors are usually short because it makes their junk look bigger. A short guy with a big weiner looks like an average height guy with a gigantic one.  Same goes for the breasts of female performers. Think of lil Dolly Parton!

6'4" 195 lb. bodybuilder Kris Evans is among the tallest of adult movie actors.  He is not to be confused with Chris Evans, the hunky shirtless guy in movies. This is Kris Evans, the hunky shirtless guy in adult movies.  I swear I looked and look for photographs of him wearing a top.  I could hardly find any!  This is a shame because I think bodybuilders look very sexy poured into supertight workout gear that looks sprayed on with an airbrush.

Kris was an eighteen year old policeman in his small Hungarian home town of Nagyatad, population 12,000.  Then he decided to shoot adult videos for Bel Ami.  But his new bosses warned him of the trouble he could get into: "When he began to shoot for us, I told him he would become too popular too quickly to be able to contain it. I asked him to leave the police force because I knew it could create a scandal which could be exploited politically. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen. The exposure happened quite unexpectedly. As usual, it was a local gay village idiot spreading the news around. Even though we block access to our websites in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, people will find out…. The story unfortunately broke during early Parliamentary elections, amid several police scandals, and the news of a police officer going off to shoot gay porn was seized upon as prime material for scandal. "

Kris had been pressured by his family to become a policeman he told Cybersocket magazine. This made him unhappy because he could not be openly Gay.  But he still missed his police co-workers who were his friends.  But at least now that he had been outed the pressure was off him from having to live a double life.  "I had told my family that I could never live the life I wanted to live as a policeman, but their expectations always put a lot of pressure on me. The bright side is that I don’t have to lie anymore. This turn of events was very freeing, in a way. I’ve told my family and my girlfriend that I want to continue working with Bel Ami. When I was just doing it part-time, my porn work was already generating four times more income than my police work. If I do porn work full-time, I could earn even more. "

Bel Ami bans people in Hungary and several other East European countries from accessing their website to protect their models, almost all of whom come from these countries.  Basically after the fall of Communism a lot of adult film work featuring white men was outsourced to these countries. But word still gets around and Kris was outed.  It seems a co-worker in the police department was jealous that Kris has started wearing designer clothes and driving an expensive car (bodybuilders love big, expensive cars).  Fleeing his hometown he decided to work for Bel Ami full time and has since become their number one star. Just look at him!  He then got to see the world shooting movies in Australia, Germany, the US and South Africa.  In 2011 he even worked Bel Ami's first 3d movie.

Starting in 2016 Kris put more effort into his bodybuilding career.  He debuted in the FIBO 2016 fitness expo in Cologne, Germany eleven years after first joining Bel Ami.

Kris Evans and other models from Bel Ami were hired by swimwear company Addicted to model their "clothes."  Well, frankly, they are mostly unclothed, which is probably why the fashion house picked them to show off their products.  It was a controversial choice at the time because adult film actors are VERBOTEN in Hollywood.  Even though shows like Big Brother are, essentially, soft-core porno. It is a silly distinction as Hollywood and PR love good looking people.  Hopefully this bodes well for other waiter/hustler/actor/models who want to make it in Tinsel town. It is really irrelevant, to me, how they got famous.  The point is they are great looking. So what is the big deal?


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