BIG  DON'S  BOYS    big don weho    BIG  DON'S  BOYS    big don weho   BIG  DON'S  BOYS


You may also know this man online as "Honrado" or "Colusa." Tony is from Great Britain although some of these pics were taken when he was in the American southwest. Some are recent and some are 5 years old yet this beefy Bisexual barely ages! I love his classy, retro fifties look and the slicked back hair in his headshots.

He is 6'5" tall which makes it hard for him to gain weight yet he weighs over 250 lbs. in these shots! But like all bodybuilders he is too hard on himself. "I do not class myself as a big muscle guy" he said on his web page. Yeah right! Well I beg to disagree gorgeous!


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