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Bryan is a huge 6'6" (1.98m)  280 lb. (127 kg) New York City escort the size of the Big Apple itself!  Manhattan is so narrow, how does he fit on it without his shoulders sticking out both sides?  Recently I found out he was coming to Los Angeles on a working vacation.  That's what I'll call it.  So I offered to take free photos of him and he accepted. Yay!

We had fun shooting him working out in my apartment complex's gym.  I am just about the only one who uses it, and even that is mostly just for photography!  I don't use tons of equipment as I prefer to get spontaneous shots and then clean them up in Photoshop later.  I think I'm a pretty good looking guy (at least judging by how often I get laid). But it is a totally humbling experience to look at the photos of myself next to giants like Bryan, especially the bodybuilders.  I look anorexic by comparison! Then he wails on me at dinner (see photo below) till I almost had the spit ups! So this is how my little sister felt when I was uh ... disciplining her as a child.

Thank goodness Bryan is really a gentle giant and gives a great massage.  I date so many Gay strongmen that, if I were to ever go out with an abusive one, I would probably be killed pretty quickly! Fortunately they are never like that.  His whole body looks great but his chest is especially amazing especially for a tall man. The amount you have to eat is unbelievable but he is planning on getting as big as possible. Hooray!

Bryan loves comic books and comic art so we got along very well (I'm a Disney animator).  He's incorporated a lot of custom comic book art in his website which you can visit at the link below.  It is very fun seeing pics of him looking like a superhero. It doesn't exactly take much imagination to draw him that way as he is getting closer to comic book sized every day.  His huge stats are in the video below of his workout.  We also shot him splashing around in the pool and walking about in West Hollywood. 

He was really interested in Hollywood and the local history.  One of the bars in my neighborhood was once a sound studio where Madonna, Chere and Prince make famous recordings.  So glad he got a kick out of that stuff. Nothing is worse than a model that can't see past the end of their pretty noses.

bryan knight chokes big don wehoLater we visited a friend and Bryan got some photos posing in a 1965 red Cadillac convertible.  Then we went over to the Santa Monica boulevard "Boys Town."  And I am NOT talking about the Spencer Tracey movie.  Its always fun having my models walk down the street shirtless in Weho past all the bars. It gets such a fun reaction. Now, with everyone toting camera cell phones lots of people want photos.  After a while we went down to the Abbey Bar, the most famous Gay bar on the West Coast.  They made us put our shirts on.  Because, at the Abbey, only the bartenders, waiters and go go boys can be shirtless. Not guests. How plastic and lame!  Yes that's West Hollywood for you!

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Giant Gay bodybuilder Bryan Knight works out in West Hollywood
Huge 6'6" 280 lb. bodybuilder Bryan Knight is captured by photog Big Don Weho in West Hollywood, CA in 2015. Bryan is available for private sessions at his website . Be sure to check it out. Bryan is super smart and super gorgeous and can't stop working out. He is a great escort and companion. He also loves art, especially comic book art. His website has lots of it and lots of him wearing not so much!


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