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short warning6'1" (1.85m) 220 lb. Gay muscle daddy Brian is living the bicoastal high life.  He's a real estate investor and among the properties he owns is the infamous Splash Bar in NYC, a bar known for its soaking wet go-go boys and gorgeous bartenders.  They even have a shower in the bar. Brian is amazed how the tough economy in 2009 is affecting New Yorkers. "I used to just hire gym bunnies as go go boys. Now I'm interviewing laid off stockbrokers and lawyers who just happen to be bodybuilders and need to make ends meet." 

He tells me he is too easily recognized in New York City so he spends a lot of time flying to Florida or Los Angeles. I caught him on one of his stints in LA.  At first I thought he was going to be very shy and he said he had never flexed or posed before. However I gave him peacock lessons and before you know it I took one sexy photo after another. I'm so glad he likes them all. Some bodybuilders can never be satisfied, especially when it comes to their looks which are of course so personal its hard to be objective.  I shot him in early 2009 in West Hollywood.


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