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black bodybuilder big mike

anonymousI met Big Mike when he was go go dancing at the Meat Rack muscle night at LA's Eagle Bar.  He was the buffest dancer there and just about the best looking guy in the room And that is hard to do because it is a hot crowd!  I gave him my card and for ONCE the model got back to me.  He needed some beefcake photos taken and you know how I love to do that!

Mike has a great personality, nice smile and zero attitude.  It was so easy to photograph him.  And, as the photo at left proves, he is not just 6'1" (1.85m) and 230 lbs. (104 kg) he is also big all over!  He is Black what do you expect?

But he is not just another Black bodybuilder with a pretty face. He's also a singer and performs for all kinds of groups all over town.  He's also a club promoter and sings at his own muscle related dance club events.

Expect to see more pics of him as I'm not gonna let this one get away.  Can you believe he is over fifty!?? I thought he was forty!


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