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bald bodybuilder "big brit"

bald white bodybuilder "big brit"
mr. clean logo
Imaginary grime fighter Mr. Clean
Huge 265 lb. 6'2" bodybuilder Big Brit looks EXACTLY like Procter & Gamble logo-stud Mr. Clean right down to the little earring!  But trust me, Brit may look like Mr. Clean but he has a very dirty mind. I caught up with him on a visit he made to LA.  He was on vacation from London. You can tell Brit was not from LA because he has a boyfriend. West Hollywood guys usually only have Chihuahuas.  Of course Brit's boyfriend at the time was also a fantastic looking bodybuilder who Brit motivated to get bulked up.  Unfortunately only Brit came to the shoot. Rats!  Even worse, the guy broke up with him shortly after this shoot. Erf.

Brit is boyishly handsome but still very scary looking!  He looks like he could break bones for the mob but he is very friendly and helps run a salon in London.  Now how scary could a grown man who runs a salon be?  If he gets mad at you what is he going to do?  Give you a really really horrible permanent? I shot him in West Hollywood in January 2012 and uploaded several hot workout videos to YouTube.  See him working out his upper body, lower body and posing plus an interview.  

Big Brit the 270 lb. muscledman flexes on my command while I record him.  What a charmed life I lead ....


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