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kissing couple

tall handsome man with girlfriend
A collection of ultraconfident straight guys doing what they do best! These men are such babe magnets. It's no secret that tall men attract women. Firstly, then can be seen at parties from far away. Second, Hetero women are programmed from birth to go for the biggest guys so they can have the strongest children (in theory). Best of all, short women love to have their pictures taken with tall guys for the novelty effect. Plus they keep and upload the photos -- and so this web page was born. And most of the Main Galleries too.  Why is it the girls always want to take pictures and the boyfriend is usually like, "duh, eh whatever."  Where would this website be with that straight girl attitude??  Un remembered that is what!

Note to exhibitionists: don't put anything on webshots you don't want Mom to see. Big Don has spies everywhere, or so I have heard.  One minute you're inside the warm walls of your own home taking a quick photo, the next Big D is showing your girlfriend to the world out on the cold cold Internet!  If you like these affectionate photos you'll find tons more in the main galleries.

If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.