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giant hands tiny phone

Historic hugeness. The guys on this page are huger than huge. There are plenty of poor souls whose unfortunate and undeserved deformities have made them grow to the point of physical unattractiveness.  You won't find them here. The biggest of the big, these are historic giants much bigger than the 7 foot tall Webshots studs on the rest of this site. I'm hunting for more pictures like these so if anybody has historic giant pictures email them to me here

Unfortunately a lot of these kinds of pics aren't really that sexy. Before the invention of color photography men didn't like taking their shirts off I guess. Also, all the giants on my site are HEALTHY and hormonally sound. Certain diseases cause gigantism and that is NOT sexy. People who suffer from gigantism often end up with weak bones, malformed bodies and skulls that keep growing until their front teeth separate. This is what ultimately happened to poor Andre The Giant, who was a very successful wrestler and entertainer before his own unstoppable growth killed him. It's easy to see, even in these few pics, how his face radically changed shape as he aged.  Worst of all, growth caused by pituitary gland tumors cause brain damage and blindness. The tumor grows right behind the eyes and the optic nerves get pinched.

Another problem is that many of these photos are old. Up to 100 years old. Therefore a high quality version of the photo is not available and I must make do with a copy of a copy of a copy. Of course I am a feature film artist so I can make the photos look better, but I can't bring them back from the dead.

7'6" (2.28m) Sunil is tallest man in india

Vishnu be praised I have found the tallest man in India, and that's a big, crowded country! 

If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.