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midget dressed like superman Whether it's Halloween or just another drunken frat party, everybody loves costumes. And guys on this site know what kind of costumes they like, skimpy ones! Here's a great selection of green giants, Chippendales wannabees, gladiators, cowboys, wrestlers plus a real Israeli solder and an actual cop. And ... oh yeah ... TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA! Page 6 and soon others are devoted to just giant military studs in uniform. Preferably shirtless. There is nothing sexier on this entire website than a giant recruiting poster sized stud dressed as an authority figure. No costumes here!  All the military men noted are the real thing.

Pictures of tall men dressed goofy take forever to find.  I may add only one main gallery to this page per year.  Originally I mixed military uniforms with Halloween but found that disrespectful to soldiers. Now they get their own pages.

There are also several galleries of actors who have had big roles in famous movies. But you would never recognize them as they always play the monster. And they always have chunks of rubber glued to their faces.


This 6'8" giant clown named "Puddles Pity Party" is a very goofy looking guy with a GREAT voice. He sings with an amazing band called POSTMODERN JUKEBOX whose leader Scott Bradlee is one cute Gay guy!   He is the one at the piano who did all the arranging. Postmodern Jukebox takes modern songs and makes them sound retro: ragtime, fifties do-wop, dixieland jazz, Phil Spector wall of sound sixties, etc. They are addictive!  

Don't be put off by his deliberately oddball appearance, the guy, and the group, are mesmerizing. You can also find solo videos of Puddles on America's Got Talent as well as his own website.

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If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.