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bodybuilder tyler mcpeak calvin kline underwear lat spread 6'1" bodybuilder Tyler McPeak is a personal trainer in Nashville, Tennesee.  He looks fantastic now but it wasn't always this way.  Tyler has been very open with his struggles with alcohol and an eating disorder.  Bodybuilders are, by nature, very obsessive. They are prone to addiction and obsessive/compulsive disorders.  In fact, it could be said they are "reverse anorexic" and addicted to the painkillers released by training.  But few of them are as sharing about their issues than Tyler.

"Growing up I had always played sports, like basketball and baseball and I excelled at both playing All-Star Baseball and AAU Basketball. Once I got to middle school my focus went straight to Basketball and Baseball was no longer in the picture. In 8th grade my team had only lost 1 game in basketball. This was also when weight training came into the picture. I absolutely hated it, and the temporary pain that came with it. Although to me it didn’t feel so temporary. When I was 17 years old, it was a time in my life that I didn’t focus on the things that I should have. Instead of doing school work and playing sports I chased a buzz. My priorities were obviously screwed up. I went through a period where I would take shots of straight vodka as soon as I got home from school at 3:30 in the afternoon before going to work at a car wash. "

Eventually he had an accident and almost killed himself and his friend.  After that he decided to live much healthier and got onto the bodybuilding bandwagon.  But the modeling industry is harsh and he was not happy.   "All of my drive and dedication stems from quite a few sources and personal life experiences. Ever since getting into the modeling industry in 2007 I always struggled with getting into top shape. It was from my battles with food which led to an eating disorder. Mentally I was in the darkest deepest depression I’ve ever been in and I really didn’t realize how bad it was until now that I’m myself again. I had no direction, no ambition, no drive, and felt sorry for myself. I was embarrassed to eat around people because I thought they were judging how much I was eating. I would hide junk food in my apartment room because I was embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to know I was eating this way. "

"It’s very strange to me now looking back at this because food had total control of my life and I was just slowly letting life pass by. It wasn’t until I left NYC in March to go stay with my girlfriend Suzanne in Nashville that I realized I needed to make a change and make one fast. She knew right off the bat when she picked me up from the airport that something was wrong. She said I looked sick with dark circles under my eyes. So I slowly started to get my self back together. When I say slowly I mean this was a month to month process. I would still have binges. At that time Suzanne was a member of the YMCA so I started going there and went back to my roots and started weight training again. The binges progressively got smaller and less frequent. From March to the end of May I stayed in Nashville and by the time I went to Roanoke to stay for a few weeks to try and figure out what my next move would be, the binges were close to being gone but not completely. Good thing muscle has memory is all I’ve got to say. My body bounced back quickly and I really started to focus on a well balanced nutrition plan that wasn’t restrictive and was enough food to keep me feeling healthy. "

On his website he writes "The Fitness Lifestyle! To me there is NO other way to live! Accomplishing the best shape of your life and continuing to make progress is the main focus points of the lifestyle. The confidence alone that it gives you does wonders for all aspects of your life. With the obesity rate in America continuing to rise out of control I really love that the lifestyle I’m leading inspires people and gets them making change. The fitness lifestyle to me is not just about working out, it’s also being in overall great health and enjoying life the way its meant to be enjoyed. That means being active EVERYDAY.

"In the summer of 2007 I competed in the model universe show in Miami, Florida, to try to get into the fitness modeling industry. I then moved to NYC and worked with Adam Silver of Silver models for a year. If it wasn't for him spotting me at the Universe Weekend show I would not be where I am at today. After a year I decided I wanted take the more fashion route. I started working with Jason Kanner of at the time Major Model Management. I lost a lot of weight and with that I lost my confidence and really struggled with a loss of direction. So needless to say I figured out quick that it wasn't in my heart. I've decided to add muscle back on and get back into the fitness industry. I'm extremely excited and happy with myself and what I'm doing for others now. "



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