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6'4" Black bodybuilder Quincy Taylor is among the biggest of the big boys. His off season weight, when he is bulking up for a contest, is around 350 pounds!  Only a tall man can carry that much weight without looking like a fire hydrant. Quincy's interest in sports started in school. He started working out at age 12 using cement dumbbells. He played All American Football as a high school freshman. He also wrestled, ran track and threw the shot put and discus. He was so strong that at 16 years of age he was bench pressing 425 lbs.!  He graduated from high school at 16 and, because of his experience with Judo and Jujitsu he was invited to a Japanese tournament. He stayed in Japan for a year and worked in a "jarhead" bar full of Marines and Japanese girls. He was so large nobody knew he was only 16 years old, and he was the bouncer!  P.S. drunken Marines fight a lot. By the time he was finally old enough to be in a bar legally he had moved to Los Angeles and saw his first bodybuilding show. It blew him away and he knew this is what he wanted to do.  Within a year he had won his first bodybuilding contest. Since then he has won many bodybuilding contests, gotten movie and commercial work, and obtained sponsorship from supplement companies.  He currently lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and children.Unfortunately Quincy's home page is busted!  I have kept the link below but as of May 2008 it takes fans to an "under construction" site.  Oh come on Quincy you're dropping the ball here!  If I was not so busy working on three feature films and a history channel thing I would build a site for him.



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