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tall man

tall bodybuilderThanks to the men of for letting me use their photos. Unless a guy wants a gallery of his own it's all anonymous, so there's no downside to being on my site. Just lots of attention and maybe a date or two! But lets face it, these guys have no shortage of interest in them. In fact they are probably so intimidating in person their looks just get in the way sometimes!

These guys are short to medium sized by my standards. But I don't put up a warning sign because there aren't that many short guys.

Giant Bodybuilder Alan Winkler dies in sleep, girlfriend announces
Fitness promoter Andrew C wrote me on YouTube with bad news.  6'5" (1.95m) bodybuilder Alan Winkler had died 08/20/2011in his sleep according to his girlfriend.  Andrew told me "I would like to thank you for the kind efforts on your part, having posted his videos on your website. He was very grateful for that.  I just thought you might want to know this and didn't want you to feel as though Alan was ignoring you. Least I could do seeing as though you promoted him without asking anything in return. You are an honorable man in my opinion.  Once again, thank you and be well. We will all miss Alan very much, as he was one of the nicest guys on the planet." Alan's comment on his YouTube site is suddenly touching:  "I am an honest person that likes to enjoy life, but also have goals and ambitions. I'm 6'5", and do take care of myself. I have a passion for working out and acting....which I do take seriously, but separate that part with the finer things in life...after all, life is short."  Early reports of him dying of a heart attack were incorrect.  The cause of death is unknown.


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