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tall black bodybuilder

6'7" 210 lb. Jason at left is one of the SHORTEST muscle guys on this page.  How did I find so many incredibly tall buff guys? After all, only 1% of men are buff, I know. I've done decades of field research.  And even fewer guys are that tall.  Where did I come up with these men?  Why of course.  Sure there are a lot of modeling wannabees and half baked profiles there but the site also features a wealth of great looking unusual people. 

Just go there and search for very short Black gals or giant bodybuilders or red heads who want to be runway models and you'll get literally thousands of different results.  If I want to use more than one or two photos of a model from there on my site I contact them.  Often they don't respond even if they have read my email.  If they respond positively I might promote them using their real names or whatever stage names they choose.  If they don't respond I sock the photos away and only use first names.

So although these guys aren't exactly anonymous I also don't know much about them.

6'3" 265 lb. Alex the Great Big Muscleman
Almost nothing is known about Alex Rem so I guess I have nothing to say!  Oh, he speaks English and French. Why why why are muscle guys so bad at marketing themselves?  I market myself great but the only weight I lift any more is vodka glasses to my mouth!


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.