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bodybuilder oliver price

6'3"  (1.9m)  260 lb. (117kg) British muscle man Oliver Price looks like a superhandsome cartoon creation and he's managed to get paid playing all different kinds of heroes and villains.  Most roles for musclemen involve playing the jerk, the goon, the bodyguard or the bad guy.  You can't play Tom Cruise's best friend when you tower over him and make him look irrelevant.

Oliver says on his website "I got my Equity card many years ago and haven’t looked back. It’s been an amazing journey and I've worked with some incredible talent and seen some amazing places and people from all over the world. Take a look at my gallery and you will see my specialty is characters, be it heroes or villains with everything in between. From a comic book hero on kids TV to prime time comedy drama, movie monsters and serial killers -- I've done it all on stage, screen and in printed media. Highlights recently were the sell out performance of “Anna Nicole-The Opera” at the Royal Opera House, London and playing the epic super hero “Duke Nukem” for the world promotional tour of the latest video game. "

Amazingly, he only recently started promoting himself in bodybuilding contests.  "Although I have been training since I was about 16, I’d never considered competing on stage until fairly recently. In September 2010 I entered and won my first ever show which gave me an invitation to the UKBFF British Championships in October 2010. Although the standards were incredibly high I won and became British Champion in my class. I competed at the British Championships again in 2011, moving up to the open class and securing my place as one of the top over 100K bodybuilders. "

He also loves sports like boxing, football, gymnastics, martial arts, pool, rugby, shooting, stage combat and yoga.  He's also a personal trainer who specializes in injury rehabilitation.

Brit bodybuilder Oliver Price guest poses at the UKBFF Muscletalk bodybuilding show in 2012.


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