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tall man

Has your internet search for photos of Noah brought you to this page? 6'6" 350 lb. Noah Steere has muscles in places most people don't even have places! Everyone wants to see pictures of him. But he is like bigfoot, huge and elusive. He has no web pages. No email. He owns a health food store down south, or maybe not. Does he even own a computer?

He has not competed in some time even though he is huger than ever. The photos in the two galleries below are constantly traded around like baseball cards by Noah's fans (me being one of them). But that is all we have of him.The one place he is guaranteed to show up is at the booth for IDS Sports, a bodybuilding supplement maker. They sponsor him. That's why lots of photos below show him at trade shows in front of the IDS booth. Precious IDS booth! It's the only thing that can lure Noah into the limelight.

I was at a bodybuilding show in the Los Angeles area once with a 6'6" friend and we spotted Noah in the flesh outside in his posing trunks. And me without my camera! We said "Wow you're huge!" (of course). He smiled and was very friendly. I realized that my super tall friend was the same height as Noah and my supertall friend looked awful small and flabby for the first time! The one group that has captured Noah on video are the Repetrope Muscle Video guys. They have a gallery and videos for sale with lots of Noah. Repetrope is the best site in the world for Noah watching. Noah watching is like whale watching ... except whales are smaller.

RARE NOAH STEERE VIDEO is just about the only place you can find Noah Steere on video.  The have a Noah-opoloy!


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.