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bodybuilder mustafa khater side chest pose flex smiling

I interviewed and shot Mustafa Khater in 2015 in Redondo Beach, CA.  At 6'3" and 250 lbs. he is far far bigger than most competitive bodybuilders. And he travelled half the world to get to America! Some big guys are real muscleheads - strong silent types.  But Mustafa is very positive and energetic and outgoing.  He speaks multiple languages and very much likes being a personal trainer because he gets to help others.  And with more people in America obese than ever there are plenty of people who need his training services!

Born in Jordan to a family with way too many children, Mustafa had to go to work when he was only seven years old.  That is not legal in America but I suppose it can still happen in the Middle East.  Only one of his brothers is into bodybuilding but he is even taller than Mustafa! His brother has just started competition but is already doing well. Mustafa has competed in many shows.

He also has two black belts in Tai Kwan Do a type of kickboxing.  You can see his amazing skills and flexibility in one of the videos below.  He is incredibly flexible because of his martial arts training and can effortlessly kick his foot right over his head!

Wanting to see the world he got out of Jordan and toured the Middle East and even Hungary and Bulgaria. But there were next to no gyms in those places. His favorite country to visit was Turkey and especially the coastal tourist town of Marmarise.

Giant bodybuilder Mustafa Khater isn't just 6'3" and 255 lbs. He's also a double black belt in Taekwondo (kickboxing) and speaks multiple languages (a polyglot).  In this interview with Big Don Weho at Redondo Beach he talks about his tough childhood and how he didn't just get out of his homeland of Jordan but managed to see the world without spending a fortune.  Now many of the countries he visited are wracked by war and he cannot go back.

Giant bodybuilder Mustafa Khater isn't just 6'3" and 255 lbs. He's also a double black belt in Taekwondo (kickboxing). In Redondo Beach he's a personal trainer and he went out to the sea to demonstrate some kickboxing moves. Plus he does the "rubber man" which is a lot like "the wave" at a baseball game but it's inside your body.

6'3" 250 lb. ( 1.9m 113 kg) massive bodybuilder Mustafa Khater works out and flexes in Redondo Beach California. He's a personal trainer at this gym but has travelled all over the world.  He looks perfect but the puke green paint on the walls?  I wanted to vomit. Pardon my Emmy for computer animation but I think I know color theory!


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