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morgan aste

Although he is only 6'3" (1.905m) French bodybuilder Morgan Aste is an astounding 360 lbs. (163 kg)!  Born in 1983 he started playing soccer, handball, judo, boxing and Muay Thai as a child. Everyone asked him if he lifted weights because sports had given him a great body. So he started weightlifting.  He promptly exploded in size and by age 20 he performed in his first bodybuilding contest at 195 lbs.  After several years of this he also took up powerlifting.  He told Flex Magazine “I convinced myself that a lot of people were considering bodybuilding a sport for getting big muscles, but without strength.  I wanted to compete with the strongmen to prove that bodybuilders were powerful and able to lift very heavy weight.”

He started doing strongman shows, pulled a 13 ton truck around, and became France's strongest man in 2010.  But recently he decided to go back into bodybuilding and get a pro card and compete in the Mr. Olympia.  He won the 2014 IFBB French champion in the over 100 kg (220 lbs) category.  He placed 14th at the 2011 IFBB world championships, and 9th in the 2008 Euro IFBB championships,

Morgan Aste, one of the heaviest bodybuilders in the world, pumps himself up in the outdoor "pump room" in Culver City, CA before a contest.


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