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tall man

bodybuilder model musician juvyJuvy is an absolutely huge 6'3" (1.9 m) 250 lb. (113 kg) bodybuilder.  If he competed in muscle shows he would be a superheavyweight because that weight class has no upper limit!  He's also an aspiring musician and songwriter.  On his ModelMayhem page he writes: "Here in New York City pursuing my dreams of becoming a fitness model and songwriter. Would like to do Fitness, editorial, and commercial modeling. I know that as long as I stay focused and prayerful, my dreams will come true one day.  I hope to one day also be able to help disabled/mentally challenged kids and adults with fitness and getting them into shape as well. Looking for photographers and female/male models to network with. Willing to do unpaid and paid gigs. Hard worker, prompt, willing to take chances, responsible, and really dedicated to my craft.

Some of the older photos feature him when he just started working out and weighed only 160 lbs. (72 kg)


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