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Kim Kold is a gigantic bodybuilder/actor who was in a great low budget movie "Teddy Bear."  His stats:  6'4" (1.93m) and over 300 pounds! (138 kg). Born in 1965, he is a former soccer goalkeeper, who in 1993 at 27 years of age suffered a serious injury in his Achilles tendon. He was sent to the gym doing rehabilitation training. He took up an interest in bodybuilding and started competing in 1997. He won the Danish National Bodybuilding Championship in 2006. He has been working as locksmith in Denmark for several years during his bodybuilding career, and today he is the owner of his own security business in Puerto Banus, Spain.

In 2007 he was persuaded to play the lead role in the short film "Dennis" instructed by his friend Mads Matthiesen. The movie was not promoted, but soon became viral and made him a name as an amateur actor. Being 193 cm tall and weighing 140 kilograms he is primarily known for his hulking size. The team work with instructor Mads Matthiesen later lead to the movie "Teddy Bear" in 2012, which is based on the short film Dennis.

If you haven't seen "Teddy Bear" you should rent this art film or watch it on Netflix. He plays this giant bodybuilder man-boy who lives with his mom even though he is 38.  She is an overprotective nutcase who has a meltdown when he tells her he is going to Germany for a vacation to see a bodybuilding contest.  "What if you die on the highway in a wreck what will happen to me?" his mother begs.

He goes anyway. But what crazy-mom doesn't know is that Dennis is going to Thailand to try to find a bride. His trip to the Thai sex industry looks like it was filmed on location where this sort of sex-slavery really happens. The results are hilarious as this huge bodybuilder stumbles and mumbles through life in the third world.  Will he ever grow up?  Rent it and see.  But first watch the trailer in the video box below. I could not tell if Dennis, who plays a man named Dennis, was really a clod in real life or he was just acting like a clod in the movie. I guess that's the best compliment an actor can get!  I think.  Plus, he ends up speaking multiple languages, including English, throughout the movie.

Unfortunately Dennis doesn't even have a web page or a Facebook page to promote himself. Talk about bad marketing!

The 38-year-old bodybuilder Dennis would really like to find true love. He has never had a girlfriend and lives alone with his mother in a suburb of Copenhagen. When his uncle marries a girl from Thailand, Dennis decides to try his own luck on a trip to Pattaya, as it seems that love is easier to find in Thailand. He knows that his mother would never accept another woman in his life, so he lies and tells her that he is going to Germany. Dennis has never been out traveling before and the hectic Pattaya is a huge cultural shock for him. The intrusive Thai girls give big bruises to Dennis' naive picture of what love should be like, and he is about to lose hope when he unexpectedly meets the Thai woman Toi.


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