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bodybuilder justin woltering military abdominals

6'3" working model Justin Woltering sent me an email in December 2013 about being a writer and getting a page on I said "A bodybuilder who can WRITE?  They are supposed to be the strong silent types!" 

A lot of muscle guys who want to "make it" in showbiz or modeling are mostly good at only one thing: working out a lot.  But Hollywood runs on networking and communicating and only guys who can do that and "stay hungry" are going to succeed and stay employed. 

Justin seems like one of those guys. His website at the link below looks excellent.  It's got lots of photos and he offers online training consultations. Not only has he written lots of fitness articles he's been on the cover of multiple bodybuilding magazines and done fashion shoots with DNA magazine.

He started doing martial arts while in high school. When he saw how great he was starting to look from that he got hooked on bodybuilding and nutrition.  "In high school, I trained with a nationally ranked powerlifter and began to adopt his hardcore training style and work ethic. As my intensity peaked, I knew I could achieve more and that it would take more knowledge, time, pain and dedication. "

"My life journey, although short, has included many obstacles. In my early years, I lived life 'in the fast lane' and made some bad decisions. Many lessons I learned the hard way. While struggling with my fast-paced lifestyle, I was faced with a serious illness that profoundly influenced my thoughts on life and the path I would take next. "

"While developing my body in the gym, I spent the next ten years training my mind by researching human behavior and studying the works of some of the greatest thinkers, philosophers, generals and leaders the world has known. This learning process gave me a sense of enlightenment and created within me a commitment to the progression of mind, body and spirit. "

This winter he is bulking up to gain weight so he'll be even bigger in 2014.

bigger better faster now green logoPersonal trainer and working model Justing Woltering knows what it takes to look good and he has a website where he shares his training advice.  Check out .  In this video Justin markets himself to other guys who workout already and want to lose weight and gain muscle. He can train anyone but this program is for guys who are serious and willing to take the time in the gym and eat right.

He also has advice for guys looking to get into modeling professionally like he has.


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