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bodybuilder jed hill

bodybuilder "jed hill"6'3" (1.9m) Jed Hill is bodybuilder fitness model and personal trainer in Los Angeles. He used to play football for Penn State.  In his own words on his ModelMayhem page he says "I am mostly interested in shooting fitness as I am a gym rat by trade and not interested in "losing muscle for fashion." However I have the ability to gain or lose weight in a short period of time for particular shoots or roles that are of interest to me. I am a 110% all natural athlete and I love to promote natural health & fitness. I take whole food supplements daily and just try to eat as "clean" as possible. Proper nutrition, training , sleep, and lots of water are key to having a lean and healthy body.   I am very selective with who I shoot with ... I am represented by Wilhelmina NYC. "


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