BIG  DON'S  BOYS    big don weho    BIG  DON'S  BOYS    big don weho    BIG  DON'S  BOYS
bodybuilder dominick gym posing

I photographed 6'5" (1.95m) 220 lb. (100 kg)  Dominick in May 2012 for his agency.  It was such a busy day he didn't arrive until almost dark so his outside photos were a little soft. Fortunately his physique is still rock hard.  He also brought his gorgeous, exotic galpal Priscilla so I shot her also.  She was the only model not on the agenda AND the only model who wore makeup.  Grrrr!

Dominick loves to flex and show off so we did pics of him outside then went down to the gym for workout shots in the mirror.  He looks like a big scary, Italain Stallion but he is very friendly and easygoing.  But he could still kick your ass because he is an MMA fighter and teaches Jiu Jitsu and Thai boxing.  He played rugby and football in college and is also part Hispanic.

His gorgeous girlfriend Priscilla was super easy to photograph.  She has a great "exotic" look meaning "not white bread."


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