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tall black bodybuilder danny apollo bruce track field run

A lot of muscleheads want to be personal trainers, be in a bodybuilding show, get a website and promote themselves. How many actually do it?  Amost none.  I try to help some of them out and they literally run away from attention.  Not Danny Apollo Bruce.  He contacted me to do a fan page. I didn't even have to chase after him.  He is very self motivated and goes to bodybuilding contests  to promote himself, do business and make connections. If he wins a trophy great but the real deal is that he can promote himself and work with photogs and web designers.

One reason he is so motivated is the terrible 2012 car crash that changed him forever.  As he recounts on his website "I remember being in the emergency room, with a neck brace on in agonizing pain; surrounded by people with terrible looks on their faces. Doctors told me that my back was seriously injured, that I had four discs herniated and moreover, that I had sustained a head injury which would cause me migraine attacks daily.

If that wasn’t enough, it didn’t look like I was going to be able to walk anytime soon, if ever again. There was blood all over my clothes, and everything was confusing and chaotic. As I learned that I might have never been able to walk again, the whole world fell on my shoulders. I refused to believe I would be paralyzed in my mid-20s; I fought that notion, I tried to stand up, again and again, only to fall back on the floor. All my life, I took care of my younger siblings. 'I told them, never to give up on anything.' What kind of big brother would I be, if I gave up then? I just couldn’t disappoint them; I had to show them that if you truly set out to accomplish something, you can make it in the end.

danny's wrecked carWith such mindset, I tried to stand up, every day. In spite of all the odds, I left the hospital moving on my own, with the help of single walker after a few months. This was big for me, but it was still just a small step forward. The doctors were amazed at my progress, but they estimated that it would take years before I could work out again. Nonetheless, I got a gym membership and I began to train very lightly, without overworking myself.

I walked slowly around the gym, I did plyometrics in the water for 15 minutes sessions at the time, I did plenty of stretching… After 16 months of efforts, not only was I able to walk, but I could jump, I could swim, I could play sports. Sure, there were still a few things I couldn’t do, because they affected my back, but in spite of that I was able to get in a great body shape, sculpting my body simply by training smart and focusing my efforts. This life experience prompted me to create my training program, based on the concepts that anyone can get results without necessarily submitting to an intense physical routine of exercises. My method has been helping people of all walks of life, from soldiers and athletes, to actors and everyday folks. "

Competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer Danny Apollo Bruce works out the same way Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson does. A lot!



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