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actor bodybuilder cody deal

Back in little Sedan Kansas Cody was just a medium sized Deal.  Sure he was 6'3" (1.9m) but only looked as buff as an Olympic athlete. Then he moved to Hollywood, gained a lot of weight and started getting gigs. Now he's a big Deal!  He is the size of friggin' Hercules.  Which is probably why he got cast in the title role of the 2011 Syfy movie "Almighty Thor."  You can see the trailer below or watch the whole thing on YouTube for just a few dollars.

 He also had a recurring role in the Cinemax series "A Girl's Guide to Depravity."  Stills from that are a leeeeeeetle too racy for my website!  He also has a couple of other low budget projects in the works.  All this after only ONE YEAR in Hollywood. 

Cody was born in Norman, Oklahoma and raised in Sedan, Kansas, a town of 1,200. He is part of the Osage Nation, a historic tribe of Native American people. Today there are as few as 10,000 Osages, Deal being amongst them. He enjoys reading, writing (journaling and working on his own scripts), and playing almost any sport in his free time.

Cody grew up a Midwestern farm boy hauling bales of hay on a ranch to help support his family until his senior year in high school. The good news is he graduated Valedictorian of his class in 2004. The bad news is there were only 28 people in it!  He was also Senior Class President, and 1st-Team All-State shooting Forward averaging 20.4 points per game for the Blue Devils' Basketball Team. He dreamt of playing professional sports, but his aspirations were cut short when he injured his hand and forearm in two different sport-related injuries. His aspirations turned to acting, heading to Las Vegas for a brief stint, and working with acting coach Gerald Gordon (who also coached Oscar-winner Adrien Brody). He eventually jumped to Los Angeles to give his career a serious shot, studying with at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio.

Deal moved from Kansas to Las Vegas at 21-years-old. He dressed up as a Roman soldier on the weekends at Caesar's Palace Casino, where he toured the casino with Caesar and Cleopatra, and performed mini-skits at the Coliseum steps several times a night.  Cody's other weekly gig in Vegas was modeling for the Chippendales, never being in the show, but doing photo-ops for them on the Las Vegas Strip to promote the show.  His Roman Soldier gig at Caesar's Palace put him on sets of The Hangover, The View, The Today Show, Laffapalooza! 2008, Funniest Movies of the Year: 2008, and The Travel Channel.

Unlike some bodybuilders who take themselves too seriously or can't joke around Cody scores high on the Adorable-ometer.  Just check him clowning on the beach with his girlfriend in the video below.  He's also very spiritual and spent some of his promotional time for "Almighty Thor" advocating for the homeless.

When the demon-god Loki (Cody Deal) attacks Valhalla and kills Odin, Odin's son Thor must escape to the earth-realm of Mitgard (modern-day Los Angeles). With the help of Jarnsaxa, Thor's guardian demigoddess, he races to find the Hammer of Invincibility in order to stop Loki. All on a Syfy budget. Uh oh!

It's this kind of adorable behavior that drives straight women berserk! The gals think "He is so fun loving and easy going and unafraid to look stupid! This is the same behavior that makes straight men jealous. Thinks he's so great. Get away from my girlfriend you sand covered ape!

As you can see Cody was only medium big in 2011 when the video was shot. He's certainly larger now. For more big boys acting like big kids see the Adorable section.

Actor Cody Deal was supposed to be promoting his SyFy movie Almighty Thor but instead in this interview he uses the attention he got to campaign to end homelessness. That's so great! But Hollywood will punish him for this "caring about others" krap when he should be promoting cable television!


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