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Frank "Chumbanga" Griffin is 6'3" and lives in Philly with his girlfriend Cristina. He has been gaining weight steadily since taking up bodybuilding in the past few years. Some of the photos below show him lighter but most show him at 215 lbs. He says he wants to gain about 10 pounds more with low bodyfat. Most amazing of all is his incredible wasp-waist! There's a huge difference between his hips and shoulders and he has an amazing V-taper. He is one of my buddies on I just wish he would take more headshots. Look how handsome he is in the frame enlargement at left.

And Frank, when warm weather comes take more pictures outside like your pool photo. You are way better looking than your backgrounds! Either that or clean your room first. It would be easer just to go outside. That's what I do cuz I don't clean my room.I'm so glad Frank likes his gallery. He writes "That's awesome I am flattered and keep up the great work I can read in my bio you have done your research. Thanks so much and will try to get outside more. "  This big Black bodybuilder has added a lot of new photos to his web page.

Big Black beef in the basement posing six weeks before a contest.


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