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Bjorn Vestrum Olsson

From Norway, one of the tallest nations in the world, comes impossibly handsome 6'7" Bjorn Vestrum Olsson.  He's a competitive bodybuilder, massage therapist and security guard. His dedication to bodybuilding is so great he even went to Azerbaijan to compete.  His biggest weight has been 260 lbs. with four percent body fat, giving him his web name "Mr. 8 Pack."

He also loves to high jump. His record?  7'3"! That's high enough to jump over himself!  He has a great looking and frequently updated English language web site at the link below.  But he needs to fill in his biography there. All we know of him is he has a girlfriend named Ina and his favorite bodybuilder is Frank Zane.
Olsson leaps so high he could theoretically jump over himself with eight inches to spare.


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