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tall man

6'3" 220 lb. Black bodybuilder Aron Ridge and I got together in West Hollywood for a shoot in April 2007. He looked great in photos of me he sent but in person he was even bigger!  He tells me he has weighed more before but this is the cuttest he's gotten. He's a personal trainer (no surprise there) who loves lifting and moved to L.A. recently from San Diego. He just got certified in California and is looking for clients.

He brought a great selection of clothes over but we only had time to use some of them, like the lace shirt his chest barely stays inside of or the front buttoning sailor's pants. He's so easy to photograph we ended up with over 150 good photos! He really enjoys flexing for the camera and is a natural exhibitionist who takes direction. And Aron knows how to pose in boxing gloves since he used to be a boxer as a kid.

But he's also a Baritone singer specializing in R&B and Neo-Soul. He tells me "I had a recording contract with a group under the MCA label in the 1990s. I've sung background with R. Kelly and Keith Sweat and now I'm getting back into the music scene since I'm back in LA.


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