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wayne tall shirtless black

anonymous Wayne is a 6'2" (1.85 m) 175 lb. (79 kg)  superlean male model who stays fit working out and playing lots of basketball.  I shot him in May 2012 for his agency and they wanted sexy shirtlessness.  So that's what I shot!  Go ahead, twist my arm.   We shot in and around my place in West Hollywood getting beefcake photos.  Originally from Ohio, Wayne has come to LA to be an actor/model.  He's been photographed for Gold's Gym and Sears.

He tells me "Some of my personal hobbies include playing chess, reading motivational, fictional and non-fiction books, I also enjoy reading auto biographies of successful individuals. Cooking is one of my many ways I express my artistic side...I enjoy traveling and seeing new places."

Wayne has brown eyes and wears size 10.5 US shoes.  Wayne has a great smile and it's very easy to make him laugh. That's what separates working models from wannabees.


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