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mats wurmbach football 6'9" (2.05m)  Hafthor Julius Bjornsson began competing in strongman after a severe knee injury ended his basketball career. He met Icelandic strongman Magnus Ver Magnusson at his gym "Jakabol" in 2008, and Magnus stated that Hafthor seemed like a good prospect for strongman. He is one of the tallest strongman ever from Iceland, standing nearly 6' 9" tall,or exactly Hafthor has won several contests in 2010 including Strongest Man in Iceland, Iceland's Strongest Viking, Westfjords Viking, and recently the OK Badur Strongman Championships in Iceland.

6'9" Chris Humphries picked up this bimbo named Kim Kardashian yet it was she who dropped him!  But we still have the sexy pictures of him performing such feats of strength.  Perhaps if he had dropped her on her head he could have knocked some sense into that socialite media mess. (I could have said "media slut" but I didn't. Oops, I just did!). 6'10" Carl Myerscough  is a huge English athlete specializing in the shot put.


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