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tall man

Strongman logoThis page has a nice collection of frat boys from Webshots picking people up and tossing them around. But it also has lots of photos of the world's tallest strongmen. Many of them have competed on the World's Strongest Man show and many other strongman events.  These guys include 6'6" 340 lbs. Magnus Samuelsson , 6'7" 335 lbs. Dave Ostlund who is an incredibly young giant with a crushing grip, plus tiny (compared to them) 6'2" 280 lb. Clint Darden. There are a few other athletes too like wrestler Bobby Lashley and college footballer Tim Tebow.

The World's Strongest Man shows are nice but they should be sexier. More shirtlessness!

6'8" (2.03m) POWERLIFTER "BIG OX"
Huge powerlifter "Big Ox" measures his gigantic biceps.  Powerlifters have much bigger arms than bodybuilders.


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