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bodybuilder gigantic gary

bodybuilder gigantic gary dwarfs full grown horse  6'6" (1.98m) 330 lb. (150 kg) bodybuilder and strongman Gigantic Gary towers over a full grown horse in the photo at left.  My gawd, if he sat on it the poor thing's spine might break!

Gary is a former football player living in Florida who is looking to get into physique modeling, acting and personal training. I met him on the website and offered to help him with his photos.  Being huge, e sent me a HUGE number of great, high quality photos which I have divided into three galleries here.  Why can't other models get their acts together like he has?  I'm not asking for much.  And, like every man I showcase on my site Gary gets free photo editing/retouching and website help with his facebook or other pages he uses to market himself.

Believe it or not Gary used to be very fat and overweight.  His Hawaiian shirts were the size of the "big island." Eventually he got disgusted and turned himself around. But there are some fat guys his height who just get fatter. And, because they are tall they can carry more weight. So guys over 600 lbs. (270 kg) is not unheard of.  But straight gals usually don't like that.  I can tell Gary is straight because he finds it really easy to pick up women.  Usually over his head.  I can also tell he is straight because he enjoys wearing horrible, horrible looking Hawaiian shirts that no style loving froot loop such as myself would ever be caught dead in.  Fortunately for me he doesn't wear shirts very often! Those Hawaii shirts are from his fat guys days and he wanted to show how much weight he has lost.  He has reduced his waistline so much through diet and exercise.

Now that he is working out so much he can eat like he wants to again and it just helps him gain muscle.

6'6" (1.98m) 330 lb. (150 kg) bodybuilder Gigantic Gary lifts hundreds of pounds using just his fingertips for multiple reps! Does he even use his pinkies?

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