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pascal behrenbruch laughing

pascal behrenbruch Pascal Behrenbruch (born 1985) is a 6'5" (1.95M) German decathlete. Big shock. He is the most German looking guy I've ever seen!  Is everyone in Scandinavia blonde and gorgeous?  Where do these Euro countries get these people?

He is a member of the Eintracht Frankfurt athletics team and placed tenth at the 2012 Olympic Games. He was the runner-up at the Décastar meeting in Talence in September 2010, collecting a season's best 8202 points. Away from the track, Behrenbruch studied economics and computer science at university and now lives and trains in Tallinn, Estonia. His coach is Andrei Nazarov.

He has competed in the IAAF World Indoor Championships heptathlon 2014, and in decathlons at the 2013 IAAF World Championships, the London Olympics in 2012, and the 13th and 12th IAAF World Championships in 2011 and 2009.

He has been setting personal bests since 2006.

Pascal Behrenbruch shows us how he can work out using terrible form and slam giant barbells to the ground so hard they bounce up again in a terrifying manner. Like two metal basketballs of death!  He is going to crush his feet one day if he doesn't stop doing this!


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