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tall shirtless man girlfriend body paint

bodybuilders white shirt flex tattoo anonymousI know almost nothing about any of the men on this page.   Who knows how tall they are. However, tallness is guaranteed!  You have Big Don's word.  The mark of quality!

Too bad most of them are "mystery men," guys without their own web page much less a lighting man.  Bad anonymous photos buried in giant websites. But I've rescued these sideways, backwards, blurry, grainy guys and polished them for presentation in perpetuity on the pages of  Languages come and go, countries are forgotten but handsome photos live forever.

These lucky people.  One minute they are standing around being unrecorded nobodies.  Then somebody takes a picture and posts it on the Internet.  Now they are enshrined forever in the annals of tall guy history here on my website. Until I decided to take this site down. Over my dead 6'2" body!

Also on this page is a comedy routine by Anyi Malik on what's it's like to be a giant guy.  A giant Black guy. I like my men like my eggs: large, brown and organic free range.

Photos in many of these galleries were probably taken in the  mid 2000s when I first published them.  They are taken from picture sites like Webshots, which was popular at the time. I wonder what happened to these folks in the mean time. Did they ever graduate from college? Are they still dating that pretty girl?  Nobody knows ....

Anyi Malik does a comedy routine about how short people react to tall guys and also the hazards of being tall. That means rotating ceiling fans. OUCH! I hate them!  Anyi has a large number of comedy routines, some of them about being tall, on his youtube page. Click the YouTube icon at the lower right of the video to go there.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.