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Tall Mormon at door

anonymousThese people look like average height people playing on small playground equipment. Think again!  This is Wilco and Keisha van Kleef Bolton the world's tallest couple.  He's 7'6" (2.3m) and she is 6'5" (1.95m).  And their kids look leggy already!  Soon they are going to be too big for that slide whether they want to be or not! Almost every other man on this  page is a mystery. I don't know who or how tall they are.  Except one is named Trevor Samuelson, whoever that is. He and his buddies are so hot only the world's tallest couple could bump them from being the main photo on this gallery. Speaking of families, lower down on this page is a collection of Mormons.


Giant Mormon Man DoorwayIf a well dressed Mormon comes to your door don't answer it, unless he looks like this!  Oh yeah Mr. 6'8" Morman Man, come on in. But you'll have to take off your "magic underwear" first.  These "Temple Garments" are used in something called the "Endowment Ceremony."  I don't what that is, but if it makes these giant Mormon Men even more well endowed then I will have to consider converting.  These tall men are incredibly good looking and so are their short buddies. Why is it there are so many handsome, wholesome Mormons?

One thing in their favor is their tough anti-drug or alcohol stance.  And maybe early Mormons were really good looking and passed on good genes and good family environments.  Most likely, knowing them, they just shun the ugly Mormons and let the good looking ones do missionary work in A-list countries that matter.  Let the third world put up with ugly Mormon cultist missionaries!  Ordinarily I immediately take down any photos people don't want here.  But not thiiiiissss tiiiiiimmmme!  I've seen too many people screwed up by Mormonism, especially Gays.  They leave and spend the rest of their lives rebelling against invisible Mormons who are no longer there.

In this scene from Broadway's "The Book Of Mormon" 6'1" (1.85m) actor Andrew Rannells plays a picture perfect Mormon trapped in Africa and doubting his faith while singing "I Believe."  Will he lose his religion?  Could Scientology be the answer? Well, don't expect to buy a ticket and find out because the fantastically reviewed show is sold out until Christ returns in a UFO.  Andrew is not really a naive Mormon but he truly is as cute as one.  In Mormonism, as in sales, cuteness counts when knocking on doors.


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