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 skinny tall boy When I was in high school I was six feet tall and 150 pounds! Boy was I skinny. When I finally started working out I gained almost 30 lbs. immediately. Most of the guys on this page look like superbuff ultrajocks compared to me back then, but this is the best I could do when it comes to big lean boys from photo websites. They are growing like weeds!  It's always amazing to see a skinny guy who is so tall he still weighs 280 lbs.

When you look at all these tall thin guys it's easy to forget the rest of America is tubbycized and jealous! Americans have gotten so fat that hospitals are now ordering reinforced stretchers and operating tables to hold the obese as well as extra-long needles for intramuscular injections.  Regular needles can't penetrate the fat layers of extremely big butts.  Even the "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland is not immune.  That ride was built in the 1960's when people weighed less.  Eventually by the twenty-first century boats on the ride began to scrape the bottom because guests were so heavy. Eventually the ride had to be shut down and totally rebuilt.

big don weho skinnyThank goodness I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight! I am very hyper and fidgety. That burns off a lot more calories than you would think. I'm glad the more weight I gain the less hyper I get. When I was this skinny (right photo) in the 1980's I could have gotten sick and died much more easily as I had no body weight. Now, at about 210 lbs., I have some leeway if, God forbid, I was to get very ill. Fortunately I haven't been sick in years.


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