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bodybuilder XfactorMuscle

anonymous"X" is a great looking 6'1" (1.85m) bodybuilder just BARELY tall enough to be on this site. That's why you see the all important warning sign at right.  At between 250 and 270 lbs. (113 to 122 kg) he always looks in contest shape even at that super-duper-heavyweight size .   Most bodybuilding contests consider 215 pounds (98 kg) to be a heavyweight so they really need a whole new weight class for guys this big.

XFactormuscle is a competitive bodybuilder from New York and travels the world to places like Europe and Asia.

In many of these pics he is about 270 lbs. but in one he has dieted down to a spindly 250.  Oh no!  He could disappear!

One thing is for sure, the internet need a LOT more photos of him.

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If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.