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At 6'5ish and 310 pounds Titanic Tommy was by far the biggest guy in Gold's Gym in Hollywood, California that day in February 2008.  I ran over there one lunch hour to do a quick shoot as this personal trainer pumped himself up for the day.

It's hard to get a grip on just how big Tommy is without another human being to compare him to. I scanned the gym full of waiters, actors and models for the best looking short guy.  Pretty soon I settled on a gorgeous little Tom Cruise type named Cedric.  I said "Would you like to be photographed squeezing the arms of this giant bodybuilder?"  Cedric was shy but agreed immediately.  Who wouldn't? Close up pics of him at the bottom of the page.

Then Tommy and I went upstairs to an aerobics room with wall to wall mirrors more conducive to posing. He took off his shirt and flashed this amazingly gigantic bulked up body. He is planning to cut down for summer but is currently at the peak of gaining. He also has a massive, painful looking scar on his tummy. Seems that when he was young he was in a car accident. Many years later because of that damage he had an intestinal aneurism and nearly died!  Thank goodness he didn't because there are so few people in America willing to work out and even fewer that are as gigantic as he is.

Gold's Gym Hollywood is so hot (and Gay) that all I have to do when I need a particular type model is look around and grab somebody. Preferably by the butt. So I needed the smallest guy at the gym. There was one other short guy there who was also great looking but it's impossible to beat little Cedric in the looks department! I believe he is a lawyer or paralegal. He was a little nervous at first but promptly forgot everything when he got to squeeze Tommy's bicep. That smile on Cedric's face was not an act.

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