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bodybuilder evan godbee golds gym tank top double biceps

evan godbee golds gym tank top Australian personal trainer Evan Godbee is one of the biggest, tallest, handsomest and best looking bodybuilders in the world. And since the goal of bodybuilding is to be the best looking I have to say "Mission Accomplished!"  And I don't usually quote George W. Bush very often. Unfortunately Evan is also one of the worst bodybuilders at promoting himself. He has almost no web presence, few videos and even fewer interviews.  I cannot even tell how tall he is despite him obviously being huge.  C'mon Ethan wake up!  You could be getting supplement sponsorships if you were more well known.

He works at Animal Kingdom Gym in Cromer, New South Wales Australia just north of Sydney the capitol.


Evan was very active by nature even as a baby and toddler. When he was around five years old he became involved in sports in the form of soccer and nippers (junior surf life saving type activities held at the beach). He later went on to participate in athletics and basketball before eventually finding his way into individual sports.

The first thing Evan became really interested in was Karate. This was something he wanted to do when he was 12 years old. There were various reasons why Evan started to train. Partly it was being influenced by the martial arts films that he had seen. But deep down it was something Evan knew he could do well. Evan knew it was the right time in his life to start training because he was old enough to be able to concentrate. This was something that wasn’t there when he was younger. Indeed Evan found that Karate was something he had natural talent for; but, he also found it that it helped him to really focus his mind and to develop discipline. This was not only applicable to karate but in other areas of his life such as study where he was able to apply the same focus. Evan earned his black belt after just over three years of intense training, a feat that few achieve and takes many students much longer. Here he is thirteen years later and he holds a 4th Dan black belt and is still practicing Karate on a regular basis at the same Dojo.

In high school Evan noticed his body had developed a little from the intense Karate training he was doing. His abdominals, chest, triceps and forearms were all getting bigger. This was largely noticeable. Being a typical Ectomorph, Evan had very low body fat, perhaps exacerbated by the energy consuming nature of Karate. He wanted to improve his strength and muscle mass so he could improve the strength of his blocks and strikes at Karate as well as to provide “padding” against strikes and kicks from older, more powerful or skilled opponents. It was at this stage, Evan started training with weights. He began at home with a set of dumbbells and body weight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups. After a short while he started training at a local gym once a week

When Evan had completed his high school studies he attended University. While attending University he was able to train on a five day a week split and gained considerable muscle mass during that time. Four years later Evan graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Physiotherapy.   Evan’s first body building competition was in September of 2009. He placed second in the Heavyweight division. He is the current Overall Sydney Champion and the current Asia Pacific Heavyweight Champion. He also placed sixth in the light heavyweight division at the World Championships in November 2010.   In March Evan intends to compete in the NPC Men’s Physique Division which is the new division in the NPC.

In 2013 Evan had this to say about himself:  I am a personal trainer, an online contest preparation coach, and I hold a Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy. Additionally, I am the Natural Pro Bodybuilder and the 2011 Heavyweight Natural Bodybuilding World Champion. I have heaps of experience in contest preparation programs for bodybuilders and figure competitors. I also enjoy working with male and female models to stay at the top of their profession.

While visiting America giant Australian muscle man Evan Godbee is interviewed by "Dr. Norton's VIP Camp." Whatever that is. One of the few existing interviews of big Evan.

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