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NEWS UPDATE:  Sadly I must report that bodybuilder Ed van Amsterdam died of a heart attack in July 2013.

Muscle man, family man, police man ... Ed Van Amsterdam has done them all. Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Ed started working out and boxing at age 12 to combat bronchitis he got cross country racing in the cold European winter. At 13 he became a Dutch champion at racing cycling but it was weightlifting he got addicted to. He just wanted to eat, sleep and train! He was very impressed when he say his first bodybuilding contest.  On his website he admits "I found it so unnaturally beautiful, that I couldn't get it out of my mind ever since.

Eventually he graduated from grade school and trade school and knew he would soon be forced by law to join the military. He wouldn't be able to train anymore. What to do? Ed discovered if he joined the Police Academy it would delay his having to join the military and he could continue to weightlift. He had to study a lot but there was plenty of time to work out, eat and sleep.At 17 he entered his first bodybuilding contest. He became Dutch champion for juniors. Then he went on to Milan, Italy and became European champion. His obsession increased and the more he worked out the less satisfied he was!

When he graduated from the Police Academy everyone was proud but his mother knew this was a bad move. Ed was too obsessed with bodybuilding to do anything else. He considered overtime at work as a distraction from his training. When he was supposed to be interrogating suspects he was eating three lunches instead. Eventually he quit police work and realized his life long dream: in 1999 he became an IFBB pro with a shot at the "Mr. Olympia" contest.Meanwhile Ed had fallen in love with a woman he saw when he was working as a doorman. It was love at first sight!  That kind of thing usually burns itself out but Ed and Deborah have been a couple ever since. They were married in 1997 and now have two children, a girl and a boy (see photo above).Ed's hobbies include horseback riding and swimming. A major animal lover he also supports environmental causes.  He has a very well designed website that comes in two languages and has many, many photos.

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