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bodybuilder alex fuller devil costume

bodybuilder alex fuller prometheus costume ridley scott At the beginning of the (pretty bad) movie Prometheus a huge, amazing looking bodybuilder comes onscreen.  I thought "Wow that's the most amazing looking actor. What bodybuilder looks that perfect? Who did they get to play that part?"  Then I realized it was just computer animation (see at right).

Then I saw photos of huge 6'4" 250 lbs. Alex Fuller dressed as that bodybuilder character at the New York Comiccon.  And Alex really does look that good!  Just check the photos of him in costume and compare to the computer rendered photo at right.

As Alex says on his Facebook page "I'm a 26 year old fitness enthusiast with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from SDSU. I've been personal training since 2007 in San Diego, California and have competed as an amateur bodybuilder since 2009. My hard work and dedication in the gym has allowed me to participate in an assortment of modeling and promotional events as well, ranging from private parties, to supplement commercials, and large-scale public events like Comic Con. I wish to demonstrate my passion and knowledge to help improve the health and wellbeing of all individuals, while inspiring, motivating, and educating those desiring to achieve any kind of fitness goal in order to ensure success, safety, and enjoyment throughout their program. Please contact me if you're interested in improving your health, performance, or aesthetics; you could be my next success story.


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