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alan eltron barrell

NEWS UPDATE OCTOBER 2012:  Sadly I'm told that Alan has died of heart problems in late October 2012.  At first I thought "steroid abuse" but I am told that Alan only took steroids once years ago.  Very sad.


Every bodybuilder wants to be the next "Arnold" but Alan Barrell not only looks a lot like Arnold but at 6'4" 270 lbs. he's already much much bigger than the Austrian Oak ever was. And he's only 25! Well we need a replacement Arnold now as the real thing is currently running California. Or, as he says, Cal-eee-fornia.  One problem keeping up with overachievers like Arnold, most bodybuilders who want to be the next Arnie know little about legislative issues, prison reform or the de-regulation of natural gas.

Alan lives in Belgium but speaks perfect English. He loves to flex and work out of course. In fact it sounds like certain people at his gym are pretty jealous. I'm shocked.  Who wouldn't be jealous of a guy this built, handsome and charming.

He even took all the photos below by himself. "I love guns" he told me, and you can see a couple in his photos.  But what man needs a gun to defend himself when your arm is the size of a tree? Alan could kill a guy just by falling on him.

He tells me he is going on an even more rigorous diet in Dec. 2008 and will be sending me a lot more photos to clean up then. I'm of course glad to do it for him or any good looking tall guy that needs help with the internet and photos. " am sure you and your web-goers will like them. It was a great idea to show pics of straight guys with their girls on your site. That is not so common these days. So well done on a classy website!

He has lots of videos on his youtube page at the link below.

Giant 6'6" 270 lb. bodybuilder Alan Eltron Barrell shows off his 50 cm arms.

Alan trains chest and flexes in the gym

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