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main icon anonymousComing to is ... surprise ... Big Don's Girls. Inevitable!  I just hated seeing all these beautiful women's photos unused. I needed to show these to the world. This mosaic below is just a taste of the pages that are to come. There will be gallery pages just like the rest of the site but with a different colored background.  Nothing like a tall, gorgeous guy to get the girls crowded around him.

You'll find plenty of women on this site despite the fact that it has "boys" in it's name.  The Main Galleries have hundreds of photos of women hanging around with their extremely tall male buddies.  There is also the Guys and Gals section where I have put some of the nicest couple's photos. But these women are almost all very short.  That's the point of why they are there. To make the tall guys look even taller. Do short people even have a purpose in life beyond this? Doubtful.

So don't go looking for giant women on my pages. I'm sure there are websites devoted to giantesses but that is not my gig here.

beautiful young women headshots
Big Don's Girls:  This website is full of beautiful headshots, portraits and photos of pretty girls who hang around with tall men. Chearleaders, ingenues, ladies, women, coeds, girlfriends, sisters. If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here email me.