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asian basketball player limu hao

samuel_deguara Another page of the tallest of the very tall, like pointlessly handsome Samuel Deguara

Limu Hao is some kind of Chinese athlete I can't figure out because all the pages about him are in robot-translated Chinese and make no sense.  Great. The one time I get a tall Asian to be on my site there is nothing to say about him.  Do you know how heavily Uncle Sam leans on me for not having enough Asians on this web page!? Do you ?  Oh well.  Next.

Just about the tallest basketball player in Italy is Samuel Deguara, who was born in Malta in 1991.  He is (2.28m) and an amazing 310 lbs (142 kg). He has a contract with Benetton Treviso until 2016 where he has been a top scorer. He plays the position of center and is eligible for the NBA draft in 2013. He previously played in Serbia and for other Italian teams. His idol is basketball player Yao Ming.

Meyers Leonard talks about what it is like to be drafted by the NBA.  The Univ. of Illinois player  trains, gets some fresh clothes, has a photo shoot and reflects on his career in sports so far.  He was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers.


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