BIG  DON'S  BOYS    big don weho    BIG  DON'S  BOYS    big don weho   BIG  DON'S  BOYS


Did you know that 7'3" Denver Cook (at left) invented the Denver Omlette?*  I love those things!

Also on this page is superhandsome 7'4" Sam Deguara, even taller 7'5" Will Foster, 7' Brian Butch (yes that's his name, how macho!), boyish 7' Istanko Barac and rugged seven footer Sergio Olmos. It's amazing how big these men are and yet they are barely old enough to vote! The seven foot mark is where tall guys start having health problems because they are going beyond the limits of human body design. Let's hope this doesn't happen to these guys.

*That is totally made up.

Some self-absorbed pastor in his money-grubbing South Carolina megachurch interviews gorgeous basketballer Tyler Zeller.   Make your checks out to the lord!  I want more of Tyler and less of this Jesus freak out to entertain you for a few bux.  But all videos of Tyler Zeller are heaven sent ....

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