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6'9" man-boy Tyler Hansborough is seen at left giving his date a healthy squeeze. Don't break her arm off with that huge hand!  It's so amazing to see a giant man with the face of a boy.  Check him out now he ain't gettin' any younger.

Also on this page are some action shots of 6'9" Richie Frohlich.  And finally we get to the over 7 foot basketball players.  Also on this page is handsome 7'1" Luke Bonner, rugged 7'1" Ben Stout and supertall 7'1" Ian White. 7' Dejan Musli has grown to an incredible size and he may not be done yet. He's only 18 in 2009!

The seven foot mark is where tall guys start having health problems because they are going being the limits of human body design. Let's hope this doesn't happen to these guys.

I shot model Big Hank in 2009 in West Hollywood playing with himself and shooting baskets all over the court. This video is recorded in 1080p HD so be sure to watch on a big screen.  Hank is 6'4" (1.93m) and 250 lbs.and makes the other basketballers look tiny by comparison.  Also included are two really hot shirtless short bodybuilders who were playing basketball nearby.


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